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Twelve Scottish Songs

Twelve Scottish Songs by Hummel. Performed by Philippe Do (Tenor), Benjamin Frith (piano), Susanna Candlin (violin), Samuel Coles (flute), Sarah Butcher (cello)

  1. The Happy Miller To the Lass he Loves
  2. Admiration
  3. The Lover, Expecting his Mistress
  4. The Lover, Addressing his Mistress
  5. Constancy and Ardour
  6. Despondency On the Return of Spring
  7. The Lover Deploring his Fate
  8. Highland Pibroch, or War Song
  9. The Maid Deserted and Broken Hearted
  10. Loyalty of the Highlanders to Their Prince
  11. Evening: The Poet Viewing the Landscape in Sadness
  12. The Peasant Courting His Lass

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