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Hummel – His Music

Wind Music

Hummel wrote some delightful music for winds. For the traditional wind octet he wrote the Serenade in E flat. The Parthia–Octet for the same instruments is in three movements and the Allegro con spirito opens with a viral fanfare which returns regularly, interjecting into the bustling themes. A gentle Andante in waltz–time comes next and the work concludes with a bustling Vivace assai. The Wind Sextet is another highly appealing four–movement work, the horns prominent in the final Allegretto. The Introduction, theme and variations, Op.102 is a highly attractive work, concerto–like for oboe which also exists in a wind arrangement as the Oboe Concertino.

alt : Parthia Octet Sound Sample

Recommended recording: Consortium Classicum, MDG 301 0440–2

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