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Hummel – His Music

Final Thoughts

We should not forget Hummel’s Serenades and Potpourris, in which Hummel creates chamber music works using his arrangements of other composers’ music – typically from operas such as Mozart’s Magic Flute, plus some of his own, with a wide variety of instruments including guitar. This is light music from the early 19th century, a rarity to us today, and as always with Hummel, it’s a delight.

Recommended recording, Consortium Classicum, MDG 301 1344–2

Download Score from IMSLP

Finally, note that Hummel fulfilled numerous commissions to transcribe works of Mozart (Piano concertos and Symphonies) and Beethoven (Symphonies and some overtures) for chamber ensemble and the home entertainment of the day. These are particularly interesting as it is rare to have such work done by an august composer. For those interested try Mozart’s Piano Concertos 20&25

Recommended recording: *** Shiraga&Ensemble, BIS CD1147 and Mozart Symphonies 35&36 Mark Kroll & Ensemble, Skyline Records BSD144

Note: Star ratings for recommended recordings, where given, relate to the review in the Penguin Guide to Recorded Classical Music **** is a really exceptional issue on every count, *** is an outstanding performance and a recording of the calibre we now take for granted.